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Visa Debit CardUsing a contactless debit card instead of cash has countless benefits:

  • Safe & touch-free way to pay
  • Faster transactions
  • More space in your wallet
  • Funds automatically withdrawn from your checking account
  • Card contains an EMV Chip & magnetic strip so you can still insert or swipe at retailers who may not accept contactless cards yet

Use your contactless card at ATMs (Alliance One, CU$, Accel and Cirrus networks) and make purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted. 


Day-to-Day Convenience:

  • FREE Bill Pay
  • Deposits & withdrawals
  • Easy balance check & fund transfer
  • 24-hour account access

  • Personal security PIN
  • Track purchases with Online Banking
  • Organized cash flow records

Here’s a Little Tip:

Your debit card isn’t a credit card, but we recommend choosing "CREDIT" at the checkout anyway. The transaction is the same, but you’ll avoid using one of your eight free monthly debit transactions that way*. Plus, by choosing "CREDIT", you’re protected by Visa’s “Zero Liability Policy.”

*No fee & no debit transaction limit if you have Kasasa Checking

Ready to get started with a debit card? Take the next steps!

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