Occasionally the universe aligns in such a way that your bills are all due at once, and right at the same time when your car breaks down or you need to make an unexpected purchase. When that happens, Sun Federal has your back.

Every regular checking account, for members 18 and up, automatically comes with our standard overdraft protection:

  • Free overdraft coverage using the money available in your savings account(s).
  • Overdraft Privilege covers automatic payments or other electronic overdrafts up to $600. Each time an overdraft is paid, a $30 fee will be charged. Read our Overdraft Privilege Policy for further details.
  • If you’d like to add protection for your ATM or everyday debit card transactions, consider adding Privilege Plus! The same fee applies, but more transaction types are covered. See how you can enroll!

Overdraft Line of Credit

Not sure if you have enough in your savings account to cover overdrafts? Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit! This extra stash of cash is a revolving line of credit so there’s money available to cover a transaction when you accidently overspend.

Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit