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Inflate your savings this summer with a special 11-Month Certificate that gives you the best of both worlds: a short term AND a great rate! Saving doesn't have to be stressful—so relax and let your money do the work this summer! 

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is valid as of 5/4/2023. Minimum opening deposit & balance to earn dividends is $1,000. Offer includes Regular and IRA Certificates. Early withdrawals from the 11-month certificate results in penalty equal to 90 days of dividends. Members in the MVP earn 4.75% APY (4.65% rate). All other members earn 4.40% APY (4.31% rate). Member Value Program (MVP): Participation is free. To qualify for the Member Value Program, members must have a savings, active checking account (one transaction per month) and a qualifying third product (a SFCU loan, VISA Credit Card, Certificate, Money Market, IRA Savings or IRA Certificate). May not be combined with any other offer.




Toledo Zoo Discounted Tickets

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Toledo Walleye Discounted Tickets

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Grade Card Match

School smarts are an important step on the path to financial comfort and success so we like to reward our student members for keeping up good grades!

Our K-12 Student Member Grade Card Match program works like this:

  • Study up!
  • Earn an “A” or equivalent on your school grade card.
  • Every time you earn that “A,” deposit $1 in your savings account.
  • We’ll match that $1 deposit with our own $1 deposit into your savings account! 

Bring in your glowing grade card and you can earn up to $5 per grading period!

Grade Card Match Rules

  1. Program valid for K-12 members in good standing.


  2. The deposit match is $1.00 for each "A" (90% and above) or "A" equivalent (Exceeding Expectations; S+, O for Outstanding, Excellent) on any subject up to a total of $5.00 per grade card and per official grading period (timeframe).


  3. Effort, conduct mid-term, exam or interim grades and outdated report cards are not eligible.


  4. Maximum of four matches per calendar year, per child. Maximum of $20 matched by Sun Federal annually.


  5. The deposit and match must occur within three (3) months of the report card date.


  6. Requesting the match:


    1. In Person: 

        1. Make a deposit into the child’s account.

        2. The match will be made immediately if grades meet the criteria stated above.


    2. By Mail:

        Submit the receipt showing a deposit into the child’s account (or include a deposit slip) and a copy of the most recent grade card (clearly showing the child's name and date).


  7. Children's deposits into a 30-month no minimum, add-on certificate are eligible and encouraged for a higher savings yield.


  8. Match requests made in-person will be matched immediately. Please allow 4 weeks for matching deposits requested by mail.


  9. Alternative grading methods for homeschooled children and children with special needs are eligible for the match.

If you have questions, please call Bobbi McConocha at (419) 794-7299.

Grade Card Match Rules
Email Us About Grade Card Match

Love My Credit Union

As a member of Sun Federal, you’re automatically a part of Love My Credit Union. This program gives you access to exclusive credit union member discounts on everyday items and retail indulgences, too.

Visit Love My Credit Union Online

Car Rental Discounts

Taking a business trip or vacation? Sun Federal members receive up to 25% off Alamo or National car rentals, plus additional opportunities to save.

Learn More About Alamo Rental Services
Learn More About National Rental Services

Member Value Program (MVP)

What It's All About

The MVP was made to enhance your membership experience and give you even more reason to embrace SFCU while positively impacting your financial future. MVP rewards you for doing your regular banking with us…it’s that simple.

It's Easy to Join - You've Probably Already Done It

To be part of the MVP*, all you need is:

A Savings Account

You have one already!

An Active SunFCU Checking Account

Your account must have at least one transaction a month. If you already have a Kasasa® Rewards Checking Account you can check this one off your list. If not, you should get one!

AND One of These

A Sun FCU Loan, Visa® Credit Card, Certificate (Regular or IRA), Money Market or IRA (Savings or Certificate)

Enjoy These Perks & Rewards

Save money on service fees

Receive discounts on our already low service fees.

Enjoy higher rates on a variety of deposits

Check the awesome MVP deposit rates!

MVP-Only Promotions

Get an extra something special with offers exclusively for our MVP members.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

Log into your account through Online & Mobile banking, visit any branch or call (800) 786-0945 to see if you already have what you need to receive rewards. 

It's Simply Rewarding!

*MVP rewards applies to all non-Business accounts.

View Our Rates