Wire Transfers

Whether you’re in or out of the country you can quickly send and receive money with Sun Federal’s Wire Transfer service.

Incoming Transfers

Fee: $15.00
($0.00 for members in the Member Value Program)

Outgoing Transfers

Domestic Fee: $15.00
($5.00 for members in the Member Value Program)

International Fee: $35.00
($10.00 for members in the Member Value Program)

If you’re receiving a wire transfer, provide your sender with this information:

Corporate One Credit Union – Columbus OH
Routing (ABA) Number: 2440-8-4264
Further Credit To: Sun Federal Credit Union
Account Number: 2412-8-2412
Final Credit To: Member Name
Final Account Credited: Member Account Number

If you’re sending a wire transfer, please visit your local branch or contact us.


To ensure the legality of signatures and agreements on official documents and to administer oaths, you’re sometimes required to use a state government-approved notary public. In the event that you require this service, Sun Federal has you covered.

We offer free notary service at all our branches. To schedule an appointment with one of our certified notary publics, please call (800) 786-0945 at least 24 hours before you need us.