Merchant Services

Does your business deal with high volumes of credit and debit card processing? 

Merchant services is the handling of electronic payments that your customers make, including the receiving of sales information from the merchant, receiving authorization, collecting funds and sending you payment.

With merchant services from Sun Federal Credit Union, you can make your customer’s payment experiences easy and convenient without the cost of high transaction fees and paperwork headaches. 

We’ve partnered with Newtek to offer you and your customers the payment solutions that work for you.

Merchant Services Made Easy:

  • Guaranteed cost reduction
  • Credit & debit card acceptance
  • Secure, electronic check services
  • Direct deposit & payroll
  • Vendor payments
  • Batch credit & debit transaction processing
  • Secure, easy e-commerce services
  • Gift and loyalty card programs

Health Savings Account

HSA CardAlongside a high-deductible health insurance plan (HDHP), or health insurance with a minimum annual deductible and a maximum out-of-pocket limit, an HSA gives you some flexibility on how you’d like to spend your health dollars. 

HSAs give you great tax benefits, too, like tax-free deposits into your HSA. Just like a regular savings account, money you deposit earns interest. Unlike a regular savings account, you won’t be taxed on the interest you earn from HSA contributions. And when you pay for things, like visits to the eye doctor, with your HSA, you won’t be taxed on those payments.

Finally, while you can only use the money in your HSA for qualified health expenses now, when you turn 65 you’ll be able to use it for whatever you want.

Healthy Savings Option:

  • Non-taxable interest earnings
  • Tax deductible contributions
  • Tax-free withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses
  • Money dedicated for personal, spouse & dependent medical expenses

To open an HSA, you must be covered by a HDHP.

Are you an employer? Consider offering this great benefit to your employees! 

Employer Retirement Plans

Ask how we can provide your business with retirement services that are low-cost and easy to administer.

Our comprehensive retirement services include:

  • 401(k) rollovers

  • College funding

  • Life & long-term care insurance

  • Tax preparation (Pennsylvania only)

  • Retirement, wealth transfer & investment planning