Youth Savings Under 5

Five & Under

Open a Sun Federal savings account where your 5-year-old can start stashing small change. When you do, your little saver will receive a small gift for every deposit made at a Sun Federal branch!


Youth Savings Between 6 and 9

Between 6 & 9

You and your parents can open a savings account and a no-minimum deposit, add-on youth certificate, and learn about our Grade-Card Match where we’ll reward all your hard work in school. Have fun as you save!

Tips for the early saver:

  • Practice hands-on money management by using your allowance
  • Use three containers labeled "Spend," "Save," and "Share." Contribute a portion of your allowance and cash gifts. When the "save" container fills up, bring it to Sun Federal.
  • Save for something you really want
  • Earn extra money by doing jobs not included in your regular chores


Youth Savings Between 10 and 12

Between 10 & 12

Open a savings account at Sun Federal and start putting your money in a safe place. We reward you with cash for earning good grades in school! Learn about our Grade Card Match program. And don’t forget to have fun with your savings.

  • Earn money by doing odd jobs, like babysitting, yard work and pet care
  • Use your own money to buy what you want, like cool T-shirts, sunglasses, shoes and toys


Youth Savings for Teens

Teen Members

As a member of Sun Federal you have access to many tools that help you save your money. You'll be able to:


Young Adult Savings

Young Adult Members

As a Sun Federal member between the ages of 18 and 24 you can take advantage of our full line of products and services, available to you online, in-person and via your phone. We offer you: