Switch Kit

Want to bring your checking account over to Sun Federal? We have what you need to make that happen. Use "The Complete Switch Kit Packet" or just download the individual forms you need.

The Complete Switch Kit Packet

This packet includes all the forms you need to transfer your checking account to Sun Federal CU! Don't need the whole packet? The individual forms are listed below.

Change Automatic Deposit

Is there a company, other than your employer, who makes deposits into your account? This form/notice is for them.

Change Automatic Withdrawal

Use this form to notify payees that you want payments taken out of your new Sun Federal CU account.

Change Payroll Direct Deposit

Got Direct Deposit? Fill out this form and submit it to your employer to transfer this convenient service over to Sun Federal CU.

Close Account

Use this form to give the other financial institution notice to close your account and give them instructions on what to do with the remaining balance.

Transfer Authorization Form

Fill out this form to allow us to make regular transfers within your Sun Federal CU accounts. Let us know how much you want transferred, where to transfer them (within your Sun Federal account), and how often.