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Visa Debit CardUsing a contactless debit card instead of cash has countless benefits:

  • Safe & touch-free way to pay
  • Faster transactions
  • More space in your wallet
  • Funds automatically withdrawn from your checking account
  • Card contains an EMV Chip & magnetic strip so you can still insert or swipe at retailers who may not accept contactless cards yet

Use your contactless card at ATMs (Alliance One, CU$, Accel and Cirrus networks) and make purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted. 


Day-to-Day Convenience:

  • FREE Bill Pay
  • Deposits & withdrawals
  • Easy balance check & fund transfer
  • 24-hour account access

  • Personal security PIN
  • Track purchases with Online Banking
  • Organized cash flow records

Here’s a Little Tip:

Your debit card isn’t a credit card, but we recommend choosing "CREDIT" at the checkout anyway. The transaction is the same, but you’ll avoid using one of your eight free monthly debit transactions that way*. Plus, by choosing "CREDIT", you’re protected by Visa’s “Zero Liability Policy.”

*No fee & no debit transaction limit if you have Kasasa Checking.

Ready to get started with a debit card? Take the next steps!

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We look forward to your next visit!

Use the interactive map below to find the nearest Sun Federal Credit Union branch, surcharge-free ATM, deposit-taking ATM and Shared Branching locations. To ensure an ATM is truly surcharge-free, please make sure it has both the AccelAlliance One or CU$ AND the Cirrus.

How do I use the map?

  1. Enter the address, city or zip code in the space provided
  2. What type of location, ATM or Network are you looking for? Check the appropriate box to narrow your search. 
  3. Review your results! Click on the address to see location and details on the map. You can also email or text message the location to yourself or others! 
 Signifies SFCU on the map Signifies a
Sun Federal branch   
 Signifies an ATM location on the map Locates a
Surcharge-Free ATM   
 Signifies an ATM on the map that takes deposits Shows a
Deposit-Taking ATM   
Signifies a Shared Branch location on the map Pinpoints a
Shared Branch

Branches Everywhere

Sun Federal is a proud participant in Shared Branching, an international cooperative network of credit unions who provide basic banking to all members of participating credit unions at no charge. 

That means when you’re across town, on a business trip or vacationing with the family, you can visit any credit union in the CO-OP Shared Branching network - and there are thousands – as if you were visiting Sun Federal!

FREE transactions include:

  • Deposit cash & checks (up to 10 per visit)
  • Withdraw cash
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer money

To use shared branching:

  1. Find a “CO-OP Shared Branch” credit union. Visit CO-OPSharedBranch.org or call 888-748-3266.
  2. Tell them you’re from Sun Federal when you visit.
  3. Share your account number.
  4. Present a valid government-issued photo ID with your signature.

Begin your banking!