Cash Back Credit Card
  • Earn 1.25% unlimited cash back on every purchase.
  • Enjoy 0% APR* on Purchases for 6 months!

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Cash Back

Get rewarded for spending with 1.25% unlimited cash back!

Special Introductory Rate*

Enjoy the freedom to spend with 0% APR* on purchases for the first 6 months!

Annual Bonus*

You'll get up to an additional 25% Annual Bonus* on the cash back you've already earned.

No Annual Fee*

Absolutely no annual fee*… as it should be!

Take Your Cards Anywhere

With convenient Online & Mobile Banking, Sun Card$afe, and estatements, you can manage your cards and account anywhere, anytime!

Competitive Rates

After a special introductory rate, your card will have a much lower average APR than other luxury cards!

Calculate your rewards and see how much you could earn!

Spend $10,000/month $ = $1,800.00 Earn $1,800.00 in cash back rewards annually

Actual cash rebate will vary, based on individual purchase activity, credit line and promotional offers.

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