• Mulch--A fresh layer of mulch provides visual contrast and makes foliage and flowers more eye-catching. Mulch also keeps water in the soil and provides nutrients as it breaks down, keeping your plants healthier all year long.
  • Seal decks and fences--All outdoor woodwork needs protection from elements. Seal with stain. Paint requires first scraping and sanding every time you need to refresh the area. Invest in premium oil-based stain--it will soak into the wood and minimize prep work. 
  • Touch up paint--Peeling paint makes your house look neglected and lets UV light damage wood siding. Splurge and purchase top-of-the-line paint; it will last longer than economy products. Use water-based paint--it's easier to use and more environmentally friendly than oil-based products. 
  • Mow and edge--Do both on a regular basis. Trim hedges and plant flowers.

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