Qualifying Loans = unsecured, personal line of credit, share secured, vehicles or other secured loans, home equity fixed.

You agree and understand that: 1) To qualify the loan has to have been opened for at least six months and current; 2) Your account is in good standing and complies with our Membership Agreement; 3) All co-signers or co-borrowers of the loan(s) must agree to the Skip-A-Pay and sign the application; 4) You will be charged a fee of $25 for each monthly payment skipped per loan account; 5) The fee must be added to the loan prior to processing the Skip-A-Pay request; 6) The Skip-A-Pay option can be taken twice per calendar year per loan and six months of timely payments must be made between requests and 7) The maximum number of skips over the life of the loan is 6 monthly payments.